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Scientific evidence shows that Americans’ brains are being fried by cell towers

New evidence indicates that cell phones are damaging more than just our social lives. Indeed, cell towers may actually be altering the function of your brain by inhibiting your thought process, decreasing your appetite and your ability to sleep and causing irritability. A study recently published by the British Medical Journal and led by professor Enrique A. Navarro concluded that the severity of these types of symptoms was directly correlated with cell tower exposure. The closer a person lives to a cell tower, the more pronounced the symptoms will be – regardless of the demographic.

Cell towers rely on electromagnetic switching signals in order to broadcast and receive data. The human body, most especially the brain, also uses electromagnetic impulses to send and transmit messages along different pathways. This is essential for normal function across the body system. Scientists have long suspected that being subject to even low levels of EMF pollution, or electropollution, could have ill effects on the brain and body. This new study supports past suspicions and adds to the current body of proof that cell towers can be harmful.

Electromagnetic hypersensitivity is an increasingly frequent phenomenon that is being dismissed by many doctors and scientists as a made-up condition.

A 2010 meta-analysis found that 80 percent of the reviewed studies indicated that cell phone tower proximity correlated with a higher prevalence of adverse symptoms and cancer, yet many conventional doctors and industry-fed scientists refuse to admit that these effects are real. What is most shocking is that these symptoms have all been reported by people living near towers that currently meet the required safety guidelines. Navarro suggests that this means our current guidelines on cell phone tower safety are not sufficient enough to protect the public. People who live less than 500 meters from a cell phone tower are at an exceptionally high risk, due to the nature of electromagnetic fields. Electropollution severity is calculated by the inverse square of distance. This means that someone who lives twice as close to the cell tower will be subject to four times the amount of radiation. Living within 21 miles of a cell tower means you are exposed to a reasonably significant level of electropollution.

There are presently 190,000 cell towers within the U.S., and that number is continuing to grow. It is suspected that at least people are affected by cell phone towers, if not more.


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